personal work

commission work

upon commissioning you agree to my terms of service.

Terms Of Service
- I have the right to deny accepting a commission for any reason.
- Depending on the commission, completion can take as little as a week or up to 4 months.
- This is only a rough estimate and can take even longer
- If a deadline is needed please let me know beforehand to see if the commission is possible
- All rush orders are minimum +$20 for a week advancement, for less than a week for completion will be +$50 minimum
- All payments will be through appropriate avenues, VGen Commissions on Vgen, Ko-Fi Commissions on Ko-Fi, Paypal Commissions on Paypal
- All commissions must be paid BEFORE the start of the process.
- Invoices that are not paid within a week will be voided and I will offer a waitlist spot if available in such circumstances.
- ( For higher-priced commissions exceptions can apply. You may pay at least 50% of a commission in these circumstances.)
- I hold all copyrights to all artworks I produce even if commissioned.
- (This includes me using commissioned artwork for social media posts, portfolio usage, promotional usage, streaming the process, etc.)
- Under these terms, It is assumed that it is okay to post the artwork unless the commissioner specifically asks otherwise.
- The only use for commissioned artwork is for personal use unless commercial rights are discussed.
- You can buy or ask for commercial rights, the price for rights will depend on the type of commercial usage of the artwork.
- ALL of my artwork commissioned needs to be credited! The minimum is using my handle @xkorro for any use of my work, preferred is a link to any of my social media.
- Under no circumstances can you claim my artwork as your own work
5.Refund Policy
- No refunds can be established during the final process of a commission or thereafter.
- * You may ask for a refund before a commission has started or in the beginning stages of a commission.*
- Upon the completion of a commission, only minor alterations can be done to the commission.
- This might also include an additional fee depending on the alteration ranging from $15-$30.
All major alterations must be said before the completion of the sketch!
- Alterations during the sketching phase are ok and highly encouraged!
- No extra charges for the first 3 major sketch alterations. any thereafter will be +$15
- All minor changes to the sketch are at no charge.
- Any use of my artwork that is prohibited can lead your permissions revoked and be publically blacklisted
If further clarification of my TOS is needed, you are more than welcome to contact me on any of my social media or email me at [email protected]

live 2d model

Base Price$200-400
arm toggle+$30
full commercial rightsincluded

animated alerts

Base Price$10
batch order of 5$40
batch order of 10$75
full commercial rightsincluded

bust up illustration

Base Price$50
additional character+$50
full commercial rights+$50

half body illustration

Base Price$75
additional character+$75
Simple Background+$30
full commercial rights+$75

full body illustration

Base Price$100
additional character+$100
Simple Background+$30
full commercial rights+$100


Base Price$85
Alternate Color+$15
Alternate Text+$30
+2 Banners+$5 each
Twitter BannerFree
full commercial rightsincluded

PNG Tuber

Base Price$75
Alternate Color+$15
Alternate Text+$30
full commercial rightsincluded

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